National Bakery Chain Factory Expansion

Manufacturing and installing the stainless steel equipment for a factory expansion project.

National Bakery Chain

Aqualine by Alway partner with national bakery chain, supporting their factory expansion manufacture and install the stainless steel equipment required for their factory expansion project.

The Project

The national bakery chain, known for its high street presence and food-on-the-move products, needed to expand its production capacity by expanding an existing factory. With a focus on creating durable food-grade environments, the bakery chain sought a reliable partner capable of manufacturing and installing high-quality, cost-effective stainless steel solutions.

The project required over 800 linear metres of heavy-duty kerbing, 175m of floor drainage and over 100 goalposts and bollards.

The bakery chain’s factory expansion presented several challenges that required robust stainless steel solutions:

Safety and Security

 The bakery chain wanted to ensure the safety of employees, visitors, and equipment by implementing robust safety equipment, including effective traffic management, protection against vehicular impact, and secure boundaries for restricted areas.

Accessibility and Efficiency

 The factory expansion required efficient traffic flow and well-defined pedestrian areas that were durable and easy to clean. 

Food Hygiene Considerations

Stainless steel drainage systems were required to effectively manage wastewater, prevent cross-contamination, and ensure a hygienic working environment helping the bakery chain maintain strict hygiene protocols and uphold their commitment to producing safe and quality food products.

The solution

To address the bakery chain’s challenges, Aqualine by Alway manufactured and installed the following comprehensive stainless steel solutions:

Stainless Steel Bollards

A network of robust stainless steel bollards strategically placed throughout the factory premises to protect the building, equipment, and employees from accidental collisions. 

Stainless Steel Kerbing

Stainless steel kerbing solutions were implemented to create an easy-to-clean, sealed food-grade environment and protect the walls from damage. 

Stainless Steel Goal Posts

Stainless steel goalposts, designed to withstand heavy impacts and provide clear guidance to vehicle operators, were manufactured and installed at designated entrances. 

Stainless Steel Drainage Systems

Stainless steel channels, gullies and grates were manufactured to the client’s specification and installed to efficiently divert and drain water, maintaining a clean and safe working environment.


The implementation process followed a systematic approach:

Needs Assessment 

Aqualine’s team collaborated with the bakery chain’s project managers and stakeholders to understand their requirements, goals, and site-specific challenges.

Design and Customization 

Based on the assessment, Aqualine engineered bespoke solutions tailored to the bakery chain’s design, ensuring compliance with safety standards and hygiene regulations.

Manufacturing and Installation 

Our team of skilled metal fabricators manufactured the stainless steel products to the bakery chains’ specifications. The installation was undertaken by our experienced onsite installation team.

Quality Assurance 

Rigorous quality checks were carried out at every project stage to ensure the equipment meets the quality expected of Aqualine by Alway.


The stainless steel bollards, kerbing, goal posts, and drainage systems played a crucial role in the national bakery chain’s factory expansion project, ensuring the equipment was manufactured and installed at the appropriate stage in the project phasing.

The factory expansion has created over 100 jobs in the local area. It empowers the bakery chain to support its significant growth and continue its store expansion programme.


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